Start-ups & Investment

CADFEM International supports young upcoming companies not directly linked to our core business of engineering simulation. These companies develop highly valuable future oriented technology and products.

3D Content Logistics GmbH

3D Content Logistics based in Potsdam, Germany is a spin-off of the Hasso Plattner Institute, the university centre of excellence for IT systems engineering. We are developing innovative IT solutions designed to provide 3D content, anytime, anywhere, quickly and securely.

Bring! Labs AG

Clever shopping – for free!

Bring! Labs AG is a Swiss Start Up based in Zurich, developing and promoting the award winning grocery shopping list app Bring!.


Climeworks AG

Technologies to capture CO2 from air have been known for decades. The art in capturing CO2 from air is to design the process as energy and thus cost efficient as possible. For the two avid entrepreneurs Gebald and Wurzbacher it is the goal to build the worldwide first commercially viable atmospheric CO2 capture plant.


Digital Masterpieces GmbH

Digital Masterpieces – a spin-off of the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany, and built by the German Deep Tech incubator – integrates innovation from research into a high-performance image and video processing platform. This platform forms the basis for a number of creative tools, apps, systems and services for end users and industries that create, manage, use and distribute visual media.


DistalMotion SA

Development and commercialization of a new surgical device for minimally invasive surgery


Leman Micro Devices SA

A personal health monitor in your smartphone: Measure your blood pressure and other vital signs, and , with your consent, share them securely with your physician, save your historical data and statistics. Our medically-accurate, smartphone-based solution is meant to be as (or more) accurate than today’s medical devices.


QualySense AG

QualySense develops high-end solutions for a safe and sustainable food supply. By pioneering single-kernel analysis, combining two sensing technologies – Machine Vision and hyperspectral NIR – QualySense is helping seed breeders, food companies and inspection agencies to achieve excellence in nutrition, health and safety.


Seerene GmbH

Seerene is a German company specialized in the areas of software intelligence and software mining. The main focus of the business is on improving the transparency and control of software development and maintenance projects on the basis of their source code reality.


Winterthur Instruments AG

Measurement system for fast non-contact and non-destructive testing of industrial coatings