About CADFEM Group

CADFEM Group comprises companies offering services and products in Simulation Based Engineering Sciences (SBES).

Members are ANSYS Channel Partners located in various countries in Europe, Russia, Asia, America and North Africa, companies offering expertise in mathematics, robust design optimization, geo-informatics, big data. To support innovation we make investments in Start-ups. Most of these companies are member of the global SBES Network TechNet Alliance.

The largest member is CADFEM GmbH, located in Grafing bei München, Germany. Founded in 1985, CADFEM GmbH is one of the industry pioneers in SBES. Because SBES requires more than just software, CADFEM supplies all the instruments which are critical for success: leading software, support, consultancy, IT-services as well as transfer of know-how.


We believe in the strength of small and medium sized companies.

Business of our Group Members is based on small hierarchy, trust, openness, team spirit, and employee responsibility. As part of the Group our companies can use synergies, offer broader services and act globally.

Looking at books from E.F. Schumacher and Salim Ismail we feel that we already have some characteristics of their business models of the future.


We define Group according to the Common Law, which says: “Group law relates to groups of affiliated companies which, even though they are legally independent legal entities, are associated with each other by virtue and on the basis of an instrumentarium comprising certain rules of company law (affiliated companies). These instruments include, amongst others, agreements or contracts such as agreements or contracts between enterprises, which determine the companies’ structures, as well as such agreements or contracts which provide for either the integration or the expulsion of minority shareholders.”

Legal entities holding shares in members of the group are CADFEM International GmbH, located in Grafing bei München, Germany, and CADFEM International AG, located in Aadorf, Switzerland.

CADFEM International AG

Wittenwilerstrasse 25
8355 Aadorf

Phone: +41 (0)52-368 01 01
E-Mail: info@cadfem-international.com

CADFEM International GmbH

Marktplatz 2
85567 Grafing near Munich

Phone: +49 (0)8092-7005-97
E-Mail: info@cadfem-international.com